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The Pioneer Human Services Residential Reentry Program

Edward Anderton

For more than six years, Edward Anderton, a certified PMP professional, has led Scarlata Chocolate as cofounder and managing director. With Edward Anderton’s help, Scarlata Chocolate regularly gives back to its community and the company is currently working with Pioneer Human Services in support of the organization’s reentry programs.

Since 1963, Pioneer Human Services has helped people with a criminal history live productive and healthy lives. This is done through the organization’s many programs, such as its residential reentry programs. These programs help men and women successfully transition from incarceration to the general society.
The reentry programs at Pioneer Human Services are conducted through a contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and house men and women from federal prison at centers throughout the state of Washington. Currently, the organization maintains four reentry centers - one in Seattle, two in Spokane, and one in Tacoma.
In Seattle, the organization runs the Pioneer Fellowship House, a 60-bed facility open to men and women. At the center, residents receive substance abuse treatment and referrals for jobs as well as educational opportunities covering life skills, financial planning, and other topics. The Spokane Residential Reentry Center 1 and 2 in Spokane also serve men and women. However, these centers offer a more comprehensive group of services in-house, and range from marriage and GED classes to community transition skills classes.
Finally, the Pioneer Human Services Tacoma Residential Reentry Center provides job-readiness workshops, resource services, and family rebuilding classes to men and women staying at the 75-bed facility.

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