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The Pioneer Fellowship House Residential Reentry Center

Edward Anderton

Edward Anderton is the co-founder and managing director of Scarlata Chocolate, a Seattle-based chocolate company that offers a wide range of decadent creations made from sustainably sourced ingredients. Beyond his managerial responsibilities, Edward Anderton donates chocolate to re-entry programs offered by Pioneer Human Services. The organization’s re-entry programs help previously incarcerated individuals to transition back into the Seattle community and overcome issues created by substance use disorders.

Re-entry facilities owned by the organization include the Pioneer Fellowship House Residential Reentry Center (PFH/RRC), a 60-bed center for men and women. The facility offers a range of resources for residents, including in-house substance abuse treatment and referrals for community services. Residents can obtain assistance with financial planning, developing job and life skills, and finding educational opportunities. In addition, PFH/RRC provides case management and employment assistance. The staff can help residents to obtain the necessary documentation to secure a job and can also assist with restitution issues.

PFH/RRC encourages residents to maintain correspondence with their families as part of the reintegration process, although case managers or designated team members must approve all visits to the facility. Only visitors listed in the resident’s presentence report may visit, unless they receive preauthorization from their PFH/RRC case manager. All visitors must also complete a visitor and sponsor application form and pass a federal background check.

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