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Scarlata Chocolate’s Seasonal Mixed Boxes Offer a Unique Treat

Edward Anderton

A former project manager with Microsoft, Edward Anderton leverages his experience in developing large-scale programs to his current role as the managing director of Scarlata Chocolate in Seattle. Responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the business, Edward Anderton and co-founder and chocolatier Darcy Rubel offer a range of bold chocolate offerings. In addition to providing a broad selection of products year-round, Scarlata supplies seasonal mixed boxes featuring unique combinations of flavors.

Seasonal mixed boxes typically include a group of six flavors that change throughout the year. Flavors include various chocolates, truffles, and caramels, such as Syrah dark chocolate and Grand Marnier burnt sugar orange milk chocolate. Customers may choose between boxes of six or 12. The company handcrafts its truffles in small batches with a focus on using sustainably sourced, fairly traded ingredients. Truffles remain fresh for approximately 10 days after purchase, although consumers can extend their freshness by keeping them refrigerated or frozen and returning them to room temperature before consumption. Frozen truffles require about 24 hours to defrost.

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